Heavy Duty Industrial Pavement Design Guide – now available!

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The Heavy Duty Industrial Pavement Design Guide has just been released.

The Guide has been developed to assist users of the HIPAVE software.

The Guide is a collaborative effort currently involving Dr. Leigh Wardle of Mincad Systems, Ian Rickards (Pioneer Road Services Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia), John Lancaster (VicRoads, Australia) and Dr. Susan Tighe (Dept. Civil Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada).

The Guide presents the author’s attempts to reflect best practice in the design of new construction and rehabilitation of industrial pavements. The Guide steers the designer through all necessary design considerations and suggests external sources for research updates. It is intended to be supplementary to other published design guides with a focus on industrial pavements. The Guide is a ‘living document’ that will be regularly updated to reflect advances in pavement technology and made freely available via the Internet at no charge.

Click here to download the Guide. (Download the file Heavy_Duty_Pavement_Design_Guide.pdf)